Whether you have mental health issues or mental illness, or you are a bit stressed and need some guidance, or you just fancy reading something different and interesting – this is an inclusive blog for anyone and everyone! It will include posts about coping with mental illness, strategies and ideas to help you feel better and a guide to get over the ups and downs and obstacles in life!

I have suffered with mental health issues and mental illness for a really long time and I have finally learnt to accept that I have a mental illness and deal with it, rather than ignore it – which only makes it worse! You feel like you’re being strong by just bottling it up/ignoring it/coping (barely) well I can assure you, it feels and gets so much better by just directing your attention to your mental health! Trust me.

So I now have coping strategies and I hope to learn and share these ideas with you, ideas which help me keep my mental health in check. I am only at the start of a long journey, as it has taken me a while to finally deal with my mental illness professionally, so I will be sharing my experiences in a hope to help you along the way!

I have realised over time, we are stronger than we think! When you might feel like you are in the darkest and worst place possible and there is no escaping, there really is light, it is there and it will shine on you.

Time, self-help, help from loved ones and professional help is what is needed to support you to do the best that YOU can do everyday – whether for you that is just getting up out of bed and brushing your hair and teeth, that is an excellent achievement! No more comparing yourself to others, it is your life and you are all that matters!

P.S. I know it is all easier said than done, but there is no harm in trying is there?