When you wake up feeling poo, this is what you should do!

So you’ve woken up and you’re like “I don’t want to get out of bed today”. You feel a bit grumpy, a bit tired, a bit foggy. But you’re aware of something in you that wants to get up and do stuff. But you just feel you can’t be bothered or just simply can’t. Bed is warmer, bed is safer and bed is easier.

You then get a tiny little glimpse of hope. Because maybe it’s sunny outside.


Even if it seems hard, embrace the tiniest bit of positivity, we all know it will make us feel better in the long run!

So here is what to do when you wake up feeling poo and you want to turn your morning around!

So get up and first of all, whack on some upbeat happy tunes.


This playlist is really uplifting, it’s easy listening and reinforces happy vibes. It has all sorts of music from The Kooks, Mumford and Sons to Emeli Sande and KT Tunstall! Happy music helps create happy moods! Turn it up!

Then put the kettle on and make yourself an Earl Grey tea!

It is warm, sweet, calming and tasty and has many health benefits! Such as helping with anxiety, depression and stress. Other health benefits are discussed here! I like mine with some milk and a teaspoon of sugar! The blue elephant tea caddy I have is the Earl Grey Elephant Grey Williamson Tea Caddy which can be bought for £10 here. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from. I have one for tea and one for sugar! They look pretty in your home and the tea also tastes delicious.


Next take a refreshing shower. If you’re like me and washing your hair is a tedious job you wish you never ever had to do, then buying a shower cap is a really good idea. I recently bought one and it has really helped make showering easier! I know showering isn’t a challenging life task for everyone, but sometimes I am feeling sluggish and getting my hair all wet is just another added obstacle! Showering seems much less stressful and a lot less effort than it sometimes can feel like by using a shower cap.

After a shower you then want to do a quick self-love routine to make sure you’re looking after your body and feeling fabulous! So moisturise your body with a yummy moisturiser so you feel and smell delicious. Dry shampoo your hair if you haven’t washed your hair so it will be refreshed – it’s like a shower in a can! You’re not meant to wash your hair everyday anyway and this is a healthy way of keeping your hair smelling, feeling and looking fresh. Moisturise your face too to keep it vibrant and healthy! And for deodorant, ‘Sure Invisible Black and White’ deodorant is really good as it doesn’t stain your black clothes or leave yellowish marks on white clothes. It also lasts all day for me, I never have to reapply or anything! Even after walking around all day.


Next up is the face. Keep it simple!

I like to express myself through my appearance – like most people do. But I don’t think we should focus all our time on our appearance. But take the time to do a quick, simple yet effective routine which will make us feel and look great.

I wish I didn’t have to wear make up everyday – and I don’t if I’m in the house all day. In contrast, sometimes I’m in the mood where I love putting it on! But usually I’m like ugh this is an effort. So I have a very basic routine of simply concealer for under my eyes, some bronzer for my cheek, mascara, eyeliner, slight filling in of my eyebrows with some brown eyeshadow and some Vaseline for my lips. I keep it simple because 1) I can’t afford loads of make up. 2) I don’t really see the point in caking your face in make up. 3) I like the natural look. 4) It’s good for my skin keeping it simple. 5) The thought of having loads of make up to remove after a long day makes me feel stressed as I just really can not be bothered for that. 6) I like looking presentable, as in, I like looking like I’ve made an effort with my appearance, but not spent hours on manipulating my face so I no longer look like me. If you don’t like your face that much that you have to change it completely through contouring etc, it might be good for you to address those underlying issues with yourself that you might be experiencing rather than hiding behind make up. It’s fun to wear make up and we are all different and enjoy different things, I am not saying all girls who wear a lot of make up are unhappy with themselves. But I think this new make up vibe of contouring so much people are unrecognisable is a strange and fascinating phenomenon, and I am not sure how healthy or liberating it is for women?! So keep it simple most of the time! Love yourself! I know it is hard.


After this spritz yourself with some perfume, Gucci Bamboo is lush!


Then tackle the hair! Quick bun and you’re done. I have thinning hair – another problem I need to address but it is expensive – so I often tie it up in a high bun, out the way!

Next some jewellery to finish off the look! Simple yet effective!


I then take my vitamins. One for hair, one for my PMS.


Then I have breakfast, some toast, and make a packed lunch, sandwich, fruit, water and some chocolate!

I recently loaned some books out from the library and I am yet to dip into them all. I have started one, The Road Less Traveled. I think self-help and reading is really important for personal growth!

I also dip into my mindfulness book which comes with a CD of guided meditations!

I also love ‘The Little Book of Hygge’! It is so lovely, uplifting and I enjoy dipping in and out of it whenever I need some calm or inspiration. It’s a lifestyle book full of wonderful pictures, recipes, fashion ideas and just generally explains the Danish way of life and Hygge! The Danes are super happy as a country so you may as well try and take a leaf out of their book!

I also have a pocket sudoku I take around in my bag, it’s really good for when I’m at a loose end and don’t want to go on my phone. Like train rides etc. I like timing myself for a little challenge!

I also carry painkillers wherever I go too! Because I suffer from sciatica!

Then leave the house and look around you and see what beautiful, natural and inspiring things you see! Appreciate what is! Just BE in the moment. Try not to walk looking down at your phone. Try and look up!



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