Invest in something tangible

Music is important to me and over Christmas I listened to my boyfriends dad’s record player at his house one day and I thought I have to have one of these! Although my family have one, I hadn’t listened to it properly, at least not in a long time. Now I am older and more appreciative of such things, when I heard and experienced my boyfriends dad’s record player I just fell in love!

So I hinted I wanted one. And next thing I know, my boyfriend and his dad restored an old record player for us for my birthday! It was the best present. It is so beautiful and the sound is amazing because we have some really good speakers too.

It has been so fun moving away from plugging the iPhone into speakers to buying tangible records and learning how to work the record player! It is soothing touching the records gently whilst you take them out of their sleeves and put them on. The album artwork is usually really beautiful and of such good quality.

It has made me feel like I have stepped back in time and I feel much more in touch with the simple things and slower way of life. It has made me appreciate the experience of music much more.

So if you are interested in purchasing a record player there are relatively good priced ones here. Ours is an old renovated turntable, a Rega Planar 25, we have an arm from a different make, but it looks somewhat like this Regar Planar 25 which has been written about here.

We have bought so many records already, including; The XX, I See YouBonobo, MigrationFlume, SkinKings of Leon, WALLSMura Masa, Someday Somwhere Tourist, Patterns and we have also inherited some classics such as Annie Lennox, James Taylor and Bruce Hornsby!

If you don’t think a record player is your thing then why not invest in something else.

If you’re artistic maybe an easel, if you like reading maybe a kindle, or if you like creating then a sewing machine! There are plenty of other things you can invest in and buying something relatively ‘big’ like these things are long lasting things you will always have to dip in and out of. They take you away from your laptop/iPad/iPhone and help you engage in something tangible which can bring you pleasure and focus your mind. It also entertains you if you’re alone or if you want to be alone you can take yourself away from everything and play with these things for hours!

Sometimes I sit and think oh I don’t want to watch TV, I don’t want to go on my laptop or iPhone, I can’t/don’t want to play an instrument and I don’t want to do exercise. So for me, having the record player, camera and my arty stuff means I can entertain myself for hours in a relaxing way. I don’t have buckets of money as I am student, so making sure I am doing fun, relaxing and creative things without frequently spending can be challenging. So investing in one big thing is good over time.

It is the simple things in life which bring you the most happiness.


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