Getting out and about to clear your mind

I love hibernating in my little nest, but I also love getting out and about. The thing is both totally depend on the mood I am in, my energy levels and whether I can be bothered to put jeans on!

If you feel a bit down, agitated or like a caged animal – you need some fresh air! So just whack on the easiest comfiest thing and go for a walk. Even if you don’t feel like it or can’t be bothered, once you get out you will 100% feel better and have a clearer head. Whether you go for a walk, run or just sit in the fresh air somewhere and watch the world or nature go by, you will feel more inspired and relaxed. I admit I don’t like going to busy places when I feel like I need to get out, so if you’re like me then aim for a park, a wood, the beach or somewhere where there will be few people! Go alone, with someone, take a book, listen to music, a camera or just go and BE in the moment with nothing. Listen to the noises, smell, look, touch – igniting all of these sensors will help get you focused and level. So if you’re feeling irritated, anxious, overtired, stressed or if you have cabin fever, then getting out and doing this will just bring you back down and feel fresh!

Getting a camera for Christmas was the best thing for me! I love going out for walks with my boyfriend and also on my own and just snapping away. It is creative, which I love, but it also keeps my mind focussed and my hands busy. It means less time thinking and more time doing. It means less time picking at my nails or skin and more time clicking the camera! I love it because I am interacting with something, a subject, and it can hold my attention for hours! I don’t even notice the time when I have the camera in my hand. I also love the editing part and then the uploading to social media part, take a look at the Instagram account I share with my boyfriend of our photography @ddmhp – it is a mix of nature, landscapes and sunsets! Soon it will involve all our travel photos as we will be going travelling in the next 9 months, we need to save a lot of money first!




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