First blog post

This blog is for the 1 in 4.

It is for people with mental illness or just mental health issues. Mental health spans over a large spectrum and so I welcome you if you are simply stressed and stumble across this or are suffering with some form of mental illness.

This blog is for you, if like me, and most people, you come across daily obstacles, big or small. It is for you if you think a little help might assist you in your daily challenges. I have mental health issues/mental illness, whatever you want to call it. I know I am not as unwell as many people, and I am thankful for that. But I also know I am not as healthy as some people. I have finally accepted the reality (after many years of ignoring it) and instead of fighting it and suffering inside; I am acknowledging it and not dwelling on it, but dealing with it in a healthy way. So this blog is a space where I will share my experiences with you so it may help those of you who have gone or are going through the same experiences. I will also share my coping strategies with you, so it may help you if you are struggling one day and just need a little bit of guidance along this journey called life.

The blog is here to just be real. It is here to liberate! It is unlike the majority of social media accounts out there who portray a totally unrealistic life.

What motivated me to start this blog?

To talk about things that are important. To be real. To uplift and support.

I have got to a point where I am a bit fed up of scrolling through social media and seeing post after post of ‘perfect’ people and their ‘perfect’ lives! I am a bit fed up of how that sometimes makes me feel. After a quick social media scroll I am left feeling like I have just witnessed a world totally removed from my reality (and I am pretty sure everyone’s reality). A world full of perfect bodies, perfect food, perfect places, perfect make up etc. doesn’t exist, but of course on social media we are free to portray whatever kind of reality we want! It is fun, but it is also damaging. After the quick scroll I don’t feel rubbish because I am jealous, or bitter, or unsatisfied with who I am (maybe those things come into play slightly) – but it is ultimately because I am saddened that we are all lying to each other! The pictures people share do not resemble reality; we only share the really good times, not the mad, bad or the sad!

The accounts I am referring to are mainly professional bloggers, those who have been approached by businesses to sell products to followers, such as; make up, fitness, cookbooks, holidays etc. This type of advertising is strange because followers don’t really realise it is advertising, so it makes the followers – the people who don’t have perfect lives (no one does) – feel inadequate and unhappy as they compare themselves to what they think is a person, when in actual fact it is a business, a fake reality if you will. The businesses deliberately utilise attractive and young bloggers because social media is where most people spend their time. So when we are simply scrolling through social media we are subconsciously being drawn into consumerism and feel the urge to buy products to make us look or feel better (or look more like the people in the pictures)! They want us to think – “hey they look so happy and healthy, if I buy that, or start doing that I will definitely feel happier and look better.”

Instagram is simply a place for advertising now, every post is selling something!

So, I suggest it is time to take a little step back and acknowledge that the perfect social media accounts are not reality, they are either businesses and professional bloggers or people who, like all of us, only share the good stuff. But just remember that. That way you can always remember that it is not reality and no one has or is perfection! We can use those accounts in a positive way and use them to inspire us perhaps or motivate us, but do not try and copy them, do not try and be them, or you will feel worse because it is unachievable! You will waste your time achieving something which is out of reach and miss all the real and good stuff around you! Just stay true to you and do what really makes you happy, not what you think you should be doing to make you happy.

I wish there was a bit more honesty online.

I wish more people posted a picture of when they first wake up, or when they’re bored watching TV, or arguing with their boyfriend, or their kids are kicking and screaming, or they’re stuffing their face with chocolate or sat on the sofa crying because they’re overtired. I know that doesn’t sound glamorous but what we see on social media now is everyone painting a false picture of reality. If you are going to post pictures of the good things, be more honest about the normal stuff too. Otherwise people are going to feel like they are doing life wrong, compare themselves to others, not feel good enough, feel lazy, or that they should be doing better. It is good to share the good stuff, share the happy times, share the motivational things, but social media needs to be a bit more real doesn’t it? So we can all help and support each other not boast and make each other feel less of a person.

So, I am saying no more. We don’t have to contour our face to completely change it so we are considered pretty. We don’t have to go to the gym everyday, have a big bum or a ridiculously toned body to feel good about ourselves. We don’t have to eat ridiculously-unrealistic-picture-perfect-food to be healthy. We don’t have to twist our bodies into pretzel shapes to feel like we are in tune with our body and soul. And we don’t have to have loads of friends, loads of make-up, loads of clothes, loads of selfies, loads of followers and loads of fake to be happy.

As long as we accept ourselves, then we are doing better than most.

It is time for us young women and men to be more realistic on social media. It is time for people to stop painting a false picture of reality.

It is time to be more real, discuss real issues, the things that matter and mental health. Whilst also enjoying ourselves and looking after ourselves in a healthy and liberating way.

This blog aims to be insightful, liberating, realistic, motivating, helpful and fun!


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